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Another ambulance ride to the ER

Good Bro

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Brother had his first clinical trial treatment a little over a week ago.  All went pretty smooth with minimal side effects.  He had also tested positive for COVID the week prior to his treatment.  Couldn't really notice any COVID symptoms that were any different from his normal NSCLC symptoms.  Anyway, last night he had an episode of excessive breathing difficulty.  O2 level was in the high 70's and so my SiL kicked up his O2 machine a setting or two.  Helped some but finally he agreed (by the nod of his head) to call an ambulance.  Paramedics were able to stabilize his breathing enough to transport him the additional 15 miles to his main treatment hospital (UofM) instead of going to our local hospital.  X-rays, CT scan, bloodwork, etc. etc. etc... and they said he has pneumonia and they put him on a bipap machine.  Just waiting on bloodwork results and to see if they can wean him off of the bipap to decide if they will admit him into a normal room or ICU.  :(  

It is almost one year ago to the date when he was admitted into the same ER with a collapse lung and spent over a month in the hospital through the holidays.  God, I hope he doesn't have to go through that again.  

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Thought I'd give an update... so, my brother improved enough that the docs felt comfortable sending him home on the 21st so that he could be home for the holidays and beat the big storm that was heading into our area.  Well, that was a bad decision.  A couple days later (X-mas Eve morning), another extreme breathing difficulty episode.  This time O2 levels dropped to 70.  He is still at UofM hospital now and not doing too well.  They have treated him for pneumonia, other infections, and inflammation.  Haven't seen much improvement.  He is on the bi-pap 24/7 with settings now as high as they go.  Lung docs feel that it is either the cancer or scar tissue in his lungs causing this and gave him days to live.  I requested they contact his oncologist and when he came up, he suggested an infusion of Infliximab.  It is typically for Chron's disease but he has seen it reduce lung inflammation in patients when the high-dose steroids didn't work.  Still waiting to see if that helps at all.  However, yesterday morning, he had a scary episode of extremely high resting heart rate.  Values over 200bpm.  Docs finally got his numbers back to normal (his normal).  He has been sleeping ever since and ate nothing yesterday.  This is so heartbreaking.  

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Good Bro'

How heartbreaking it must be for you to see your brother go through this.  Is Palliative Care involved?  They look to ensure patient comfort (to the best of their ability possible) while the treatment plan is applied.  Please keep us updated and know that you, your brother, and family are in our thoughts and prayers.


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Good bro,

So sorry to hear that your brother passed. I hear you with it being the hardest thing you ever had to do. I was there when my mother passed. Although it was hard on you, rest assured that he was glad you were there with him til the end. 
Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family.


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Good bro

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother passing,you were both very lucky to have each other,my thoughts and prayers are with you 

All the best Take care Justin 

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