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Guest survivor

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Guest survivor

Many people here have a special place in my heart, as you stood beside me as I went through chemo last summer, and then through liver mets in November December. I shall never forget the kindness also shown through cards and letters.

Life goes on. I will be around every now and then, btu am moving on with other things. Should anyone want information about the Lung Cancer Golf outing, please email me at dgrant@merr.com

Thank you all

Dave Grant

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Dave, I am so sorry there appears to have been any hard feelings. You are and should continue to be an integral part of this wonderful site. I am not sure what the original intent of this site was, BUT it is what it is today and it is providing amazing amounts of support and knowledge for people affected by lung cancer.

You are right that I am not a lung cancer patient with the associated fears and feelings. But my life has also changed drastically. Additionally, Earl would not get on here, not his style. But I do and have gotten so much information about treatments and trials etc. which have been enormously helpful, much of this information from you.

Stay with us Dave, use this site for what it has become.


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Dave G.,

This is a real "Deja Vue" experience. A while back I posted something about activism that was taken out of context, and I was called "stupid" by another member. (You should remember this, as you were the one who refused to remove the offensive-to-me post. ) I was very offended by this (my problems with the word stupid have to do with being called 'stupid' almost daily throughout my childhood years, and being beaten for whatever "stupid" mistake I may have made.) Anyway..... I reacted much as you appear to have done. I asked that my information be completely removed from this site, and I made noises about suing for Libel. But you know all that.....

I am grateful that Katie B. and Rick allowed me to return when I was hit with a serious case of "Removal Remorse". I am grateful that others didn't hold MY bad behavior against me forever.

There is room here for activism, support, and advocacy. They are not mutually exclusive goals.

I have repeatedly asked "What can I do?" I've explained that I am worker bee material, not a leader. I need direction (and as someone who is directionally disabled I mean SPECIFIC directions.)

Some folks are visionaries....but they have no idea how to implement their visions. Some folks are engineers....you tell them what you want and they create the design they hope will accomplish your dream (with a little tweaking). And then there are the laborers, who carry out the plans and build the thing that will make the dream come true.

I need the dreamer and I need the engineer. I can read and follow blueprints. At least for a little while longer.

But I also need the information and emotional support I receive from this site while I wage my own personal fight against Lung Cancer. (Thank you for those who posted all the info on RFA).

I don't know where I'm going with this, other than to say you aren't the only one who has ever said or done something they later regret (In case you're wondering who the other person is...that would be me). It's just easier to get over if you own up to it and move onward. :wink:

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Thank you Ginny and Fay. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, nor the next minute for that matter. We can only live for this very moment and try to make the best of it. All of us have made bad decisions in our lives, but we put those behind us and move on. I spent over one year on this site and have made many friends along the way. Now that my cancer is under control I can only thank those who prayed and sent good thoughts my way. None of us are in this battle alone, we have so many to lean on and they have us to lean on as well.

As I said before, I will be around, but not quite as active as before.

Again thank you for your kindness.

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