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I’ve just been told I have hypersensitivity pneumonitis.  It’s progressive and I can hardly walk to the kitchen without having to to go into a gasping spell. My doctor just put me on Cellcept.  It will take Time.
any tips on what do to?







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Welcome here. Unfortunately, other that the article on Wikipedia about hypersensitivity pneumonitis that described its cause as inhaling molds, toxins or other lung irritants, I don't have a clue as to treatments.

Are you seeing a pulmonologist? This type of ailment is normally treated by this medical discipline.

Stay the course.


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Tom ,

yes I’m seeing a pulmonary doctor. In fact this is the third. The first one was too busy to really give me the attention the matter deserved. The second one was good but referred me to an interstitial Lung disease specialist. 

the specialist knows his stuff. I started Cellcept today and it helps! After one pill capsule I am feeling better. 

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