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need some opinions please


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hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well.

I wanted to ask everyones opinions on the following…

(i know the testing and diagnostics takes time)

my dad has seemed to go from working everyday even with his back pain to almost unable to get off the couch. ever since the ct results came back and our doc said he has cancer he has been declining (doesnt eat much is sitting down all day and sleeping) he has lost a lot of weight and wont eat most things cuz he says everything tastes like what a dog leaves on the grass.. 🧐 he was taking Tylenol for back pain originally everyday multiple times a day for the pain and thats when the taste thing happened. he is no on hydromorphine ( sorry if i spelt it wrong) and tylenol and seems to have less pain. it scares me to see him look so un well and my mom asked our doc if he should go to the hospital she said no and that he isnt sick enough.

could this be a mixture of anxiety depression and just the pain meds making him not want to eat of be motivated to do normal things?

if any of the doctors where concerned regarding his scans would they send him to the hospital and maybe even start him of the standard chemo to try and slow it? 

the pet scan came back and the doc said it was and aggressive type.. but we still havent got the biopsy results yet


please let me know if anyone else has experienced this 

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