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Valerian and other herbal teas


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Hi all, I have read many drink Valerian tea at night as it relaxes them and leads to better sleep. Has anyone tried it here or knows of contra-indications with targeted cancer therapy (I am on Tagrisso)? I will ask the pharmacist of course but I find real life experience very insightful.

Other herbal teas I was recommended include Licorice and Juniper. Any experience is appreciated.


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Hi Lily…when I was on chemo with carboplatin and etoposide I was told by my pharmacist not to drink any herbal teas or take any essential oils as it could interfere with them. I know it isn’t the same thing but ,yes, it will be best to talk with your pharmacist.


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I once tried Valerian and it did seem to help me relax to sleep as did a tea by Tulsi called "Sleep".  But Pam is correct that you should check with your doctor before using anything as long as you are under chemo treatment.


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