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My experience on BDTX 1535 trial

Joost Voorthuis

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I am Joost V and been on this trial approximately 8 months. 

Started with 25 mg ( no change in module size ) that was good. 

Then progressed to 50 mg and a few weeks later to 100 mg, (nodules were reduced which is great news)

Broke out with lots if skin problems and doses were reduced to 75mg Skin problems still there. A bit of a problem. Have appointment on the 27th. Will see what we can do. 

My question is to everyone. 

Have you had skin issues as well?

Love to hear from everyone and wish all a Merry Christmas  


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Welcome here.

I Googled your trial information and learned you are enrolled in a Black Diamond Therapeutics drug trial for acquired resistance EGFR mutation in NSCLC, adenocarcinoma.

Early on in my treatment, I had a Targeted Therapy drug called Tarceva, but it was administered before scientists realized it only worked on a small percentage of EGFR adenocarcinoma patients. My NSCLC was squamous cell, and the only thing it did for me was give me skin and digestive issues. And again, since I had the drug very early on, there was nothing available to address the severe acne that invaded my face, head and neck.

The good news of you post however is the nodule reduction. That indicates the drug is working and if so, that is the best of news.

Merry Christmas to you and again welcome.

Stay the course.


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