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Lung Mass


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I was in a car accident 2 months ago. I went to the emergency room and the doctors called it an incidental finding. A mass in my right lung measuring 2.2 x 2.7 cm. I went to the pulmonologist, and they ordered another CT scan. So, it's been 2 months since my last CT scan and the new scan is reading  the following:

Lungs, Airways And Pleura: Right lower lobe anterolateral basal pleural
based 2.4 x 2.2 x 1.5 cm spiculated mass with mild tethering of the major
fissure. Additional few scattered small nodular opacities, most centered
in the right lower lobe measuring up to 0.5 cm. Few scattered punctate
calcified granulomas. No pleural effusions. Central airways are patent.

My doctor is on vacation and cannot answer any of my questions i have. Can someone help me understand this.... PLEASE!!!!

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Hello Italia,

Sorry you are going through this. It is horrifying looking at the scans without a medical professional to guide you and give their opinion. Naturally, no one on here is qualified to tell you what the scan shows, but there are many possibilities. I expect they will order a PET scan and a lung biopsy as a next step to confirm the nature of the mass. As I am in the UK (and we assigned teams rather than individual doctors), I don’t know what the system is like in the US, but would you be able to request another doctor to look at it and possibly get the ball moving on further tests if necessary?

Please keep us posted - wishing you all the best, Rikke

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Rikki is correct that we do not interpret scan summaries here, but even with your doctor on vacation there should be another associate covering for him.  Please call the office as reading a scan summary can really be confusing and a scan can only show a mass or nodule.  BTW, most nodules are benign and are usually watched to see if any activity (continued growth) warrants a biopsy or PET scan.  For your own peace of mind please follow up with the doctor's office.  Explain your situation and I believe you'll hear from the "covering doctor" regarding the test.  Once you do that come back here and there are lots of folks that can answer questions regarding this journey from firsthand experience.


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