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Biopsy results….

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hello everyone,

Hope everyone is well and had a relaxing holiday season.

My dad had his first Radiologist appointment and was told his type of lunf cancer is:

Invasive squamous cell carcinoma moderately differentiated.

what does this mean???? 

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I'm sure someone will come along with the answers for you, I'm sorry i don't know more about this disease so I could help, I hope you and your family managed a good Christmas and new year holidays under the circumstances, 

All the best Take care Justin x 

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Obviously the medical team should be able go tell you more - and there will be others on here with better knowledge of squamous cell. But from what I can see the “moderately differentiated” could decent news as it is used to describe “Stage II where Cancer is in the organ where it first started. It may be a bit larger than stage I and/or may have spread to nearby lymph nodes.” I think the big thing here is to get a biomarker analysis so you can find out if immunotherapy or targeted therapy _i.e. newer treatment types which may be more effective than traditional chemo.

Hang in there! 

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You might want to start here:


It is rare for squamous cell to have a biomarker, it’s typically not done & insurance may not pay for it however it’s worth asking the oncologist about.   

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