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Hi, my name is James

James c

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Hi, I am the primary caregiver for my wife.  She is 53, beautiful and has non-small cell lung cancer and stage 4.  

The dr told us on January 9, 2023.  I will never forget this day.  

He prescribed Tagrisso @80mg and we will be getting the pills on Saturday.

any suggestions on food to help the body absorb tagrisso?

Any suggestions on how reduce the side effects?

Thank you in advance 

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Welcome here.

Tagrisso side effect are listed in the Targeted Therapy area for Lung Cancer 101. Here is the link. Scroll down the types of Targeted Therapy to the side arrow for EGFR and read the general side effects for EGFR medications. At the bottom of this information box is a link for tips for managing treatment related side effects.

I had a related drug during my 4th line therapy -- Tarceva. My side effects were an extensive head, face and neck skin rash and very troubling diarrhea. I was prescribed cream to apply to my head, face and neck and that lessoned my rash symptoms but nothing really affected the diarrhea. 

Stay the course.


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Welcome, James. I remember the day my husband was diagnosed with leukemia - the memories come back very vividly from time to time. It was the first serious illness we faced as a couple and seemed devastating.  We live with it now -everything is the same yet very different.  You and your lovely wife will make it together.

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Hi James,

So sorry your wife and you are dealing with this. I have been on Tagrisso since March 2022. I have had minimal side effects. These have included splitting nails, very dry lips, constipation, and mouth sores. Mine have been more annoying than life-altering. The biggest thing to do is drink drink drink water. If other side effects occur, there are  remedies available from oncologists and other cancer folks. But you can't really predict how anyone's body will respond to the medicine. 

Welcome aboard!


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Wait, January 9th to taking Tagrisso right away.  No PET scan?   No biopsy with bio marker testing?   She has EGFR mutation?   I think you left off a good many details which filling in will help.  On Tagrisso since July of 2022.  Take it at night.  Don’t skip the anti diarrheal medicine

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Good questions, Kamoto.

When taking Tagrisso, stay away from grapefruit and grapefruit juice. I've also heard that pomegranate juice should be avoided. 

I've been taking Tagrisso 80 mg since March 2020. My side effects are: dry skin and eyes, itchy rash/eczema, nasal allergies and very sad-looking splitting nails. All manageable. Your wife may or may not get side effects, but regardless I recommend moisturizing well and using products for sensitive skin. 

Best of luck to your wife. 

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