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Blog: Exercise and Lung Cancer: Low-Impact Workouts

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Overall health becomes a major priority when undergoing lung cancer treatment, and staying active is one way to include healthy behaviors in your life. Talking with your doctor about exercise and lung cancer is important to remain safe and do activities your body and lungs can handle. If you feel chest or lung pain during any workouts, stop immediately and tell your doctor. 

The purpose of low-impact workouts is to lightly work muscles and keep them strong. It’s a specific exercise plan to limit the amount of stress put on your body. Adding exercise to your lung cancer treatment plan is about maintaining your health so your body continues to have the strength to go through treatment and keep the quality of life important to you. 

Nobody needs to do all the exercises listed below. These ideas are meant to show the range of options available for you and your doctor to talk about for a safe and fun low-impact exercise plan. 

Read more here: https://www.lungevity.org/blogs/exercise-and-lung-cancer-low-impact-workouts

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