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Article on Mold


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I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but I guess this will do!

I found an article in "Organic Style" Magazine over the weekend that discusses mold and toxins in our children's schools. What caught my attention was that a teacher in an Illinois grade school was diagnosed w/ Stage IV NSCLC and died one month later. It said that there was a severe mold problem in the school and that the FDA HAS IDENTIFIED ONE SPECIES OF MOLD THAT CAN CAUSE LUNG CANCER.

This article is definetely worth a read!


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This is very interesting to me. One of the things I've been looking at over the past 5 years is the number of never smokers who have no second hand tobacco smoke exposure who do have a history of systemic or pulmonary fungal infections. There are a LOT of them. Very unscientific process, because all I'm doing is asking...and they're saying, "Why yes, I had Histoplasmosis or Coccidioidomycosis, etc."

Interesting stuff...

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Thanks for the article on mold Hebbie.

I have been fighting at my job since this summer about replacing the carpet because there is mold underneath. People at work are constantly commenting on how they have never been as sick as they are working in this building.

Finally, to shut me up because I have gotten louder and louder, the company has had men come with petri containers and are taking tests of water retention, etc. From the websites I have visited, although no one seems to want to come right out and state definitely that mold causes this or that, it seems that there is at least a definite link between mold and a lowered immune system. And I can't really afford to have a lowered immune system.

Pretty amazing that they have found a link between mold and lung cancer, but not at all surprising.

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