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Fishing trip


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Hi all,

Well I was going to wait and let my sisters post about the fishing trip but since I have been asked about it here goes.We caught ZERO fish.I think it had something to do with too many women on the boat.Actually,the whole family had a wonderful time.They rented a pontoon boat and all the kids had a blast.I was too tired to partake as hard as I tried to.I have 2 more radiation treatments left and I can't wait to feel half way normal again.I loved that poem too Tee Taa.


The trip did do me a lot of good.Just getting out of the house helps.Next time I will be in shape and we will have to enlarge the photo size for my pics.

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HI Tbone,

There is an ancient tradition out here in the islands about fishing – you are not allowed to sleep with a woman the night before you go – so having women in the boat may follow.

Good to hear you are on the mend from the radiation.

Thanks for asking about me – I made a post on the NSCLC & Mesothelioma forum explaining my disappearance.

God Bless,


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OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!! An HONEST fisherman! You have to be the 8th Wonder of the World if you can be a guy who has had a fishing pole in your hands, who didn't catch anything, and doesn't try to bamboozle us with the story of "The One That Got Away". :wink:

Glad you had a good time; even happier that you and all the women in your world are back. :)

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Hi Tbone sorry that you didn't catch any fish but don't blame it on the women in the boat. If I still had my rod and reel I would let you borrow it next time. It had experienced catching a lot of fish. My son used to tell his dad that when he wanted to borrow a rod and reel he wanted mine because he wanted to use on that knew what catching fish felt like. So much for women being bad luck on a fishing trip. I could out fish any man.

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