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I Win.....

Fay A.

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I always win. Some folks may THINK I lose sometimes, but I don't. It just looks that way to people who don't know the "Official Rules for Fay's Life".

The number one rule is that I win. And that includes the battle I fight with Lung Cancer. You see, if I die while cohabitating with ED, then ED dies, too. So I win.

And if I attain remission, and ED is banished to dark places where he cannot cause trouble, then I win.

If I maintain stable disease and ED cannot spread to new sites and cause new problems, then I win by virtue of ED's inability to do what ED NEEDS to do. If ED isn't spreading, then I win.

If ED continues to spread and I still find ways to be happy and productive and find happiness in each day then I win.

So, as you can see, it's really quite simple. I win no matter what happens.


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#1 Choice ed :evil: ed :evil: ed :evil: ed :evil: ed :evil: ed :evil: ed :evil:

#2 Choice ned :P ned :P ned :P ned :P ned :P ned :P ned :P ned :P ned :P

Which one will Kay choose??HUM?? I wonder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ?????????????

I KNOW #2!! :lol::lol::lol::D:D:D:P:P:P:P:lol::lol::D:D

Ed is leaving soon. He must, he is an unwelcomed guest and they HAVE to leave quickly! Go home ED, you are not wanted here!

From all of us who have had YOU-ED in our homes. We did not want you either. GET!

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Dear Fay,

Just had to share this with you. Last night our LC Support Group met.

We had a large group, and out of that large group, two of our members brought (ED) with them, (not that they wanted too)! And the rest brought (NED) with them. (HOORAY)! Oh how I wish NO ONE had to bring ED.

Donna G. shared NED with the group last night and it took a few members a while to (get it) but when they did, we all laughed. :wink:

Love to You,


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Gosh Fay---one of my cats is named ED, but I may have to rename him to NED? No one here seems to like ED---and I am afraid for him if word gets out that he is named ED

and if I were ED, I would certainly stay out of your way!!!!!! He does not stand a chance!!!!

best wishes to you


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