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Good News!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we've gotten really good news for now... Darrells new ct scan showed no "VISIBLE" cancer in his body at this time... I don't know how or why, but we are taking it for now... We were told no more shrinkage would happen after his last ct scan, but he was feeling so good, I couldn't imagine that it wouldn't be a good report, except for weak lungs and shortness of breath... Hes even walking on a treadmill now 1.4 miles a day...the past month... Hes gotten stronger, thank god!! We are even going to Florida Thursday on my b-day... for about 10 days.. We are driving, or I am, and little rink (the dog) is going with us.. Gonna visit 3 differnt friends along the way...But hes doing great for now... and thats all I'm gonna worry about for now... a new ct scan is scheduled for May 13th...We are aware it will probably grow again, but we are just trying to live for now.. thats all any of us have... I spend every minute I can with him.. things are good!! I hope it last forever!! We have no guarentees for tomorrow...Who knows what that will bring!! But for now things are good...

I wish you all the best!!


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Have a great time. I hope soon to be able to go with my husband and have some fun too. God is good! Have the best time of your lives! :wink:

If I knew

Hold your loved ones close today

Whisper in their ear,

Tell them that you love them

And you'll always hold them dear

For tomorrow is promised to no one

Young and old alike,

And today may be the last chance to

Hold your loved ones tight....

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Christy and Darrell-- Congratulations!! NED is wonderful news!!

I am very happy for you both. Christy, have a Happy Birthday! Darrell, I'm glad you're feeling so well, but please remember you're not iron man yet. Maybe next week.

Little rink -- vacation ! oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

Florida no less.

Enjoy!! Wish I was going...



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Thanks to all of you that responsed to my post... I appreciate it.. Everything has gone wrong, but as long as he's is feeling good.. we don't care we were gonna take our surburban, was having it worked on, but ended up with more problems, so we are renting a van... oh well... whats money right? yea right!! Anyways we figure little Rink will cramp our style a little, but oh well on that one too... we will deal with it.. we wouldn't think of leaving him!! He already goes everywhere with us.. He hasn't been away from Darrell more than about 4 hours, and we hired a neighbor boy to do chores being we can't depend on his kids to do them....After all we want the animals to be alive when we get home. Little Rink goes in the car all the time, but this will be a trip he won't long forget.. He is so spoiled!! We found a hotel that accepts dogs, so that was good!!!!!! I will wave when we past by....I wish and pray and hope he feels this good forever, however long forever is...........I pray that it last, but for now thats all I'm thinking about is that he feels good now and right NOW is all that matters!!! I won't waste this time.. I feel bad not being able to support all of you right now, but I will make it up later... hopefully much later! If you know what I mean! Please all understand and know that I do think of you all alot, I just have to be with him for now!!!!!! Thats all we might have!!! Love and prayers to all of you!!!


p.s. Sunshine here we come.. after 5 inches of snow yesterday it will be a big relief!!!!!!!!!!

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"I won't waste this time.. "

That is certainly one lesson we have ALL learned. Have a ball and enjoy every minute together!

"I feel bad not being able to support all of you right now"

Don't be silly!!! We all hope and pray that others may have GOOD news and are able to spend time with loved ones rather than being tethered to the internet.

Enjoy yourself without any guilt whatsoever!!!

You are both in our thoughts. Have a lovely vacation.


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Christy what great news --- enjoy your trip----Little Rink is simply adorable and I couldn't leave him either!!!

enjoy the sun and your birthday and the Darrell's good scan news

best wishes-to you and Darrell and for many, many, many more good scans

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