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Prayers Please - New Developments


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MO, sorry for belated response as I just clicked this message. MO, will your oncologists consider to try CPT-11?

Lots of prayers are sending. Don't worry too much and we are all standing by you. You are always on my mind.

Keep us posted and best wishes to you.

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Thank you all. I do feel a bit better (mentally) today than I have. I can feel the lymph nodes still and there is pressure in my liver so I know we have to do something major tomorrow with chemo. I am still determined to fight this beast!

I had a wonderful visit with my baby brother and his new wife today. Sort of bitter sweet as we both assume this was the last time we will see each other. On one hand it was sad but on the other it was a blessing that we HAD this time to be able to say goodbye. They live about 8 hours away and I am sure, when the time comes they will come back but ya never know if they will make it or not. I am glad God gave us this time together. It was also a treat to meet his new wife (they got married Saturday and I wasn't able to go due to being in the hospital Friday). She is JUST what he needs and I am sure the will have a happy, blessed life. They met at church so that is the perfect start!!! She is a very sweet gal! My daughter and grandson were able to join us for lunch so it was nice to have that family time.

I will let you all know tomorrow where we are headed with treatment.

It is so strange because I FEEL GOOD but I can feel the dang cancer growing! It is true that God works in mysterious ways, lol.

God Bless you all,


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Mo I am very glad you had a nice visit and I am sorry it was bitter sweet for you

I am hoping your nodes are just infected---and you are feeling better in no time

I am so very sorry that you and others have to go through this---

please let us know how you are doing


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