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NSCLC or not?


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:? Hi everyone,

I'm glad I found this site. My uncle was recently "diagnosed" with non-small cell lung cancer. His dr. said he would undergo chemotherapy and if it "worked" he was given 2 years.

The problem is the dr. called back the day after giving the family this prognosis to tell them that he didn't have the actaul pathology report in front of him when he talked to them and that the report said only "atypical cells" so he now could not officially say cancer.

The family is so overwhelmed and confused. He did say that he was still 98% sure it was cancer due to the x-rays and his 17-year experience, just that he couldn't affirm it yet. Uncle is set to do another bronchoscopy, and lots of body scans to get to the bottom of this.

But if he can't say now that it is cancer, then why did he say to my cousin (after telling her about the confusion) that uncle is stage IIIB?

We are all so sad and confused. Anyone with confirmed stage IIIB who can give us some positive experiences would be greatly appreciated?

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