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Sorry to bother you guys, but has anyone


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Thanks, just wanted to make sure it works ok.. Its often like an artist judging their own work if I dont have input from everyone. Not that I am an artist for sure, cant even draw a stick figure correctly...

Again the logo was made my Sandy S....

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Thanks, Rick. Tried them all. Twice.

Still like subsilver best.

Thank you so much. This all was truly a gift from the heart.

Let's hear it for Rick, who may I remind myself has a new baby in the house.. I'm surprised he had that kind of generous effort left to give to us all....

Rick, you are amazing, and your lovely and geneous wife Katie too.

Thanks again,



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Oh sure, I have to PICK one over the other! hummmm! I like them ALL!

I just got done going through a kitchen remodel job and I had to pick out a new floor, paint, boarder, cabniets, I HATE anything that consist of more then two things to pick from! AND NOW THIS????? :lol::lol::lol:



Love and Hugs,


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I am going to stick with Helious for now, but I like the Quiddish (sp?), as well...but the brightness of the Helious is nice, I'll use Quiddish when I am burning insence and listening to new age music 8) . Thank you for all that you do...I can't thank you enough. Take care, Deb

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