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Found something small in lung after CT scan


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Hi guys haven't been on here for a while as my mom finished her chemo radiation treatment about 3 months ago and it worked where it shrunk to almost nothing. Few days ago she had a CT scan and today was told they found something very small that they couldn't identify but ordered another CT scan. Here comes the scanziety again. Most stressful time was during the unknown. My question was has anyone found something small during a followup and ended up being nothing?

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Hi kelvin 

Try not to worry until you get all the results I know it's difficult but you can't change anything the scanziety is definitely a real thing and really is a terrible time, it's great news about the shrinking and the treatment working so even if there was something else atleast they know it's targetable, 

Goodluck with everything and my love and prayers are with your mom and you take care Justin 

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Justin is correct; Scanziety is a real thing.  But please take his advice and let events unfold on their own.  This disease already takes enough out of its victims and their families.  Repeating the scan is wise and even if it is a small growth it doesn't mean it is a recurrence or a new malignancy.  Please keep us updated and ask any questions you may have of your doctor and the good folks on this forum.


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Hi Kevin,


Quick answer: yes. Both times, the small thing-- each time, the thing was called a nodule-- disappeared on its own. It's good the docs are so vigilant. 

Hang in!

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