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Devastating News on Dad


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Hello all, I wanted to give news and ask for advice on my father, After combating pneumonia and staph for almost a month, he decided on an outing to my house for Dinner on Sunday. By monday night he was back in the hospital not able to breathe. This time his heart was effected by the struggle and his condition seems so much worse, so quickly. We were told that my fathers chances for living were very slim. His tumor is 10cm and weighing down on a Lung that has already been decreased by a mildobectomy. He is too weak for chemo but without the chemo ther is no chance of shrinkage and relief. How do we deal with that? They gave him a CT scan and he has no spreading to anywhere in his body, including his brain. He has small cancer cells in his trachea but we are told treatable. The thought of losing my father terrifies me. His oncologist will see him today to give us an idea about chemo.(others doctors have said the chance is slim (ie. surgeon & internist) I cry myself to sleep and wake up feeling like i am living in a nightmare. My fears of a life without my father overcome my every thought. My 3 girls are so used to spending time with him, I worry about how I will get them to heal.

My Father is so brave but at the same time he is so sad, all he could say was the girls won't remember him and he was so sorry for putting my mother and his children thru this. He is hooked to wires and oxygen and struggling for every breath. He never complains and still intends to fight. I ask for prayers, I see the wonderful support and advice that is given on this site. Thankyou for letting me vent, hope to have some better news soon....Kel

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Guest KellyB

Hi All that message was my post, but I was not logged in...sorry, by the way may the Luck of the Irish be with us all today



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I can understand how you feel now. I went through all these and still could not overcome it. My daddy was diagnosed last June, and since then bad things happened one after another, just like a chain.

My dear mother, who took care of my daddy even since they got married, passed away six month after he was diagnosed due to a heart attack. She was just too scared of losing him, too stressful and finally I think God just dont want her to be in a pleasant place and took her away.

I was totally shocked when I got this news, because I basically talked to her daily and she was just fine and was very happy because she knew I would take our boys to see them during Christmas. And next morning, she just went to park to do her daily TaiQi, and crashed when she was talking to one of my daddy's friend. She's already gone even before the ambulance arrived. And that was only three weeks before Christmas time.

Now my daddy was lonely and was not doing well and found three mets sites on his ribs. And the doctor wants to put him on Iressa, hope it will work.


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Guest kathytoye

Hi Kelly and June,

My prayers are with your Dads. I am 49 yr old and have stage 4 NSC adenocarcinoma in the lungs. It has metastasis to the liver, bone, and thyroid. I am currently doing chemo again. I read a study on Iressa that was extremely promising. Keep praying, it works.

I cannot quarantee that everything will work out as you'd like, I can quarantee that if you ask God for the peace that passes all understanding that it will be granted unto you. Whenever I have felt sad and confused and cried out to God he has given me a message in the form of a person, walk, nature, a card, a hug, a message. Please know that right now I am praying for your Dads.

Stay strong. If you need a listening ear - I will be here. MY email address is: toyehouse@yahoo.com

Sending healing to you. Love, Kathy

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Oh Kel honey, I am so sorry to hear this, it reminds me of myself. My father was everything to me, I lost him Jan. 30 only a week after his diagnosis. Friday is our mutual birthday, it is gonna be tough without him, we always celebrate it together.

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