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good scan


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After about 2 months of panic, at the thought of a new cat scan, I got one on March 6th---I went to my surgeon yesterday for results and I am fine!!!!!

It will be 4 years the end of this June, since my lobectomy ---The surgeon said my cancer grew on scar tissue from probably an old pnemonia scar ---that happens sometimes with an adenocarcinoma ---(it grows on scar tissue) and it probably was not caused by my smoking and most likely will not reappear

I have also stayed off the cigarettes ---close to three months now ---so I asked does that mean I can smoke? he said absolutely not!!!! (well I tried anyway :wink::wink: )

also interesting , he also said he is seeing alot of young women , never smoked-- with lung cancer- as well as some other cancer (I forgot which one) --(someone else brought this up in another forum )

best wishes

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Im gonna tell you right now

If I hear you start smoking again I will hunt you down.

You got the hard part over with. The next thing will be how bad smokers smell. I have not had a smoke for 21 months. I cant stand being around people who smoke because it STINKS SO MUCH.

God gave you life back, Trasure it!!!

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I am totally "tickled" for you!!! I relate only too well to the anxiety preceding the scans and results! You have some breathing room, thank goodness, and I can't tell you how proud I am of your quiting smoking. Hang in there and keep encouraging the rest of us!

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