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stable disease? is that remission..?


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stable disease....can anyone help me with this phrase, that has been through it... does this last long or can it ? is this the new phrase for remission, or is remission totally diffrent. i have had "stable disease" for almost 6 mths. and have upcoming ct in apr. i sweat them anyway, but, is it possible someone else's cancer reacted like this and is still stable some time later? please help if you can... also, anyone know aything about a clinical trial, EBG B1 :D vacine i think its called from US oncology, out of texas, i heard vacines aren't very effective anyone had them please respond....... much thanks, you all are in my prayers, keep being positive.... :D:D

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Hi Lilgna,

Stable is good. My doctor says I’m @ partial reemission. As for how long, cannot say for sure. Varies from person to person. Also under Glossary gives you a lot of helpful information. Peace, take care and God Bless.


stable disease - Cancer that is not decreasing or increasing in extent or severity

remission - Disappearance of the signs and symptoms of cancer. When this happens, the disease is said to be "in remission." A remission may be temporary or permanent.

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