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Connie B

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Yes, logging on is sometimes difficult these days. Sunday night, it prompted me to re-register and sent me a new password. Didn't work. Did the same thing again, and it worked. Have been using that log-on ever since, as that is what had been showing up automatically when I asked to log in. Then this afternoon, the login name and password had reverted back to the old one. Didn't work. Re-entered new login name and password sent to me Sunday; acted like it worked, but realized it hadn't when I didn't see the "View posts since last visit" line. Tried again, and it worked.

Sorry for all the detail, but thought this might help Rick figure out what the problem is.

And by the way, Rick, I've tried all the color schemes - I'm sticking with that one that ends in "silver" (sorry I can't think of its full name, but I assisted photographers at the elementary school all morning, spent all afternoon on the phone with commercial playground suppliers regarding our church's preschool, and have had three little girls aged 6 and one aged 4 playing house and dress-up here all afternoon, so I'm lucky to even remember my name at this point!) :lol::lol: Anyway, thanks for all the hard work you've put into the site. I didn't think it was possible, but it just keeps gettin' better and better!



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The above post is correct.. http://lchelp.com is the domain the site should be accessed from . In Internet explorer, the privacy setting can cause problems with remembering the login.. Also can you specify what template you are using when this happens...



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I AM getting there through www.lchelp.com. (I've wiped out all signs of that "other" domain name!!) And I'm using Netscape's latest version.

I did just get logged on, and it did the same thing . . . gave me my old login name, I changed it, and it appeared to log on, but that "View new posts" line wasn't there. So I re-did it, got logged on, and now when I click on "View new posts" it says nothing matched my search criteria. Well, I can't believe NO ONE posted anything since I logged off last night at 8:30 or so, so it appears that when it makes ME think I've logged on for that short time period, IT thinks I have also, so when I immediately log BACK on, there have been no new posts in that short period of time. Are y'all thoroughly confused now?!?!

I AM NOT COMPLAINING, RICK!! I'm persistent enough (read bull-headed) that I WILL make it work. I'm only posting this to make you aware and to help others.

Thanks again for all you do.


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