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Mom in Hospital with Pneumonia/Stage IV NSCLC


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Hello! Mom is 82 and was diagnosed in January with mets to bone. 
Started drug ALECENSA about three weeks ago. 
Was taken to ER 6 days ago with low blood oxygen/shortness of breath. 
Hospital diagnosed pneumonia but antibiotic/antifungal not working and they have taken her off the ALCENSA. 
Having a hard time getting advice re next steps. 
Do we prioritize getting back on the ALCENSA or another drug? 
Any experience with the drug resistant pneumonia? 
I’m prepared to bring her home to hospice but don’t want to forego something useful if it might help. 
thanks for any thoughts!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your mother.  My treatment for LC was surgical without chemo of any kind so I cannot answer your question.  I did do a bit of research and found a conversation from 2017 regarding Alcensa (Alectinib).  There is reference there to a Lungevity Facebook site where you might get more information.  That conversation can be found here.  

Now onto the more difficult part of this conversation, your mom's pneumonia and lack of response to treatment.  The doctors are prioritizing treating the pneumonia because it is the largest threat to your mother's survival.  Additionally, chemo can weaken and already weakened immune system so they are likely looking for an outcome from the lung infection before they re-focus on the cancer treatment. 

My mom passed from LC and her end was brought about by pneumonia.  They couldn't overcome the infection.  I am not saying this is your mother's situation, but I suggest that you speak with her physician (oncologist, etc.) and I trust that they are doing the best they can under the circumstances.  My prayer is for your mom, you, and the family at this difficult time.



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Hi, I’m from Bloomfield NJ,  have been taking Alecensa for ALK positive lung cancer for 4 1/2 years.  While pneumonia may be a potential side effect, it is very good for quick symptom resolution.   There are other options in the same drug class and I would recommend a second opinion right away.  Where is Mom treated now? There are great options available, don’t lose hope. 

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