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My wife was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma with multiple brain mets (at least 18) last April. She had WBR for the mets. Testing indicated that she had the MET 14 skipping mutation and was started on Tabrecta as first line treatment. First scan following treatment start was encouraging and indicated her thoracic tumors were shrinking or stable. 

Six month scans indicated that tumors were progressing and she had two additional brain lesions. Lesions were treated with SRS radiation and Tabrecta was discontinued and she was started on triplet Keytruda/Alimita/Carboplatin every three weeks. First scan at the time of the third treatment was again encouraging. Recent MRI indicated no new brain lesions.

Çarboplatin was discontinued following 4th treatment and replaced with Avastin to treat brain necrosis causing her some issues. Scans this past Tuesday showed continued shrinkage of the lung tumors and lymph nodes were stable. However the scan showed 4-5 lesions in her liver. 

Oncologist indicated next standard line of treatment would be Docetaxel/Cyramza. Also suggested a clinical trial using atezolizumab/cobimetinib. Trying to decide which to choose.

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Welcome to our forums.  I'm sorry to hear about your wife's condition.  I'm sure you'll soon hear from others who have had therapies similar to your question, in the meantime we do have a section called "Chemotherapy" and it can be found here.  You may find additional information there on various treatments, side-effects, and outcomes.  


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Welcome here.

Unfortunately, I am not qualified to help you decide on your wife's next line of treatment.

I had 5 recurrences (progression) during my active treatment period. Each rolled out like your wife's experience: first, a scan showing improvement, then the next showed progression. Waiting for scans, then waiting for results was so unsettling I wrote a book about the experience calling it "Scanziety" (yes spelled with a z).

My best recommendation is to seek the opinion of another medical oncologist. Download all the treatment notes and scan reports from the clinic treating your wife and take them to the new oncologist so he or she can be completely informed about treatment details.

Stay the course.


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