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Going in for MRI tom; prayers for no mets to brain


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Dear all,

My fiancee's mother is going in for two tests tomorrow:

1) a more detailed bone scan that will tell us how advanced the bone mets are

2) an MRI to let us know whether or not she has mets to the brain.

(Please, no; please, no; please, no!) My stomache is churning even as I write about it.

If all goes well there--she is scheduled to start daily radiation to right lung (5 days/wk); weekly chemo; and Zometa on Monday at New York Hospital.

We met with the radiologist and she had her "port" for chemo put in yesterday.

She is also scheduled to meet with doctors for a second opinion at Memorial Sloan-Kettering on Wednesday (a week from today).

The whole family has started doing yoga with her and cooking healthy, organic meals (that don't irritate her throat) to build up her strength before the treatment begins.

Please keep her in your thoughts, as you all are in mine. Her name is Anna.

Thank you.


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Guest KellyB

Melinda, You too have alot on your plate right now espcially being engaged, I am sure both your Moms hate to be putting you thru this, I know my baby sister, the youngest of 4 is planning a wedding in Sept and my Dad also has stage 4 nslc, Your Mom in law is taking all the right steps, the families involvement is very important, my dad has been on a strict vitamin regimene since diagnosis, I think it has helped along the way. My prayers and hopes for a good test...........Kel

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Dear all,

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. They mean so much.

The bone scan today indicated that she also has mets to the femur. We are waiting to hear the MRI results to find out about mets to the brain.

She started Zometa today, though.

Trying hard to keep her/their spirits up---this is all so terrifying/demoralizing. And we have JUST begun!!!???!!!

I feel so helpless to assist them--this board has been a Godsend. Thank you, all.


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