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My name is Herbert Erlbach from Chicago IL metro area diagnosed with EGFR del 19 stage 4b lung cancer as of Oct 2022.

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Hi Herb,

Welcome to our forum.  We're sorry you need to be here, but glad you found us.  There are a few things I would like to share with you.

  1. You will do well to learn as much as you can about this disease and not from Google.  We have a whole section on "Lung Cancer 101".  Click on the link to get there.
  2. Next is a "must read" blog titled "10 Steps to Surviving Lung Cancer; by a Survivor".  It was written by one of our members who was first diagnosed with Stage 3 then Stage 4 lung cancer over 18 years ago.
  3. Finally we have a section that is dedicated to EGFR and that can be found here.

Please learn all you can.  Stay away from prognosis statistics on the web as they are 5-year averages and don't always account for new treatments.  Come here often and read what others have experienced.  Ask any questions you have and know that we are here to support you through this.


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Welcome Herbert. This is a good site to use as people here understand what you’re going through. I talk to my family but often use Forums to relieve my family of some of the worries that come up.  And, although the Forum is no substitute for medical advice, you will find people here who are familiar with procedures and protocols. And, we’re very good at just being here for you.  Suzan

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Hello Herb.  Have a look through some of my posts, as you and I and many others are in the same boat.  You didn't say if you started on Tagrisso, but I've been on it since July of 2022.  As long as I take my immodium daily, Tagrisso has zero side effects for me.  And that stuff worked within two weeks, as my rib tumor pain was quickly erased by Tagrisso.  I was hoping for more time so I could renew my Morphine prescription, but I couldn't lie to the oncologist.  LOL.  All of my horrible periods were because of my stupid Esophagus cancer which needed Chemo/Radiation.  Good luck and Team Tagrisso is here if you need us

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