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TSA Screening with a surgically placed port


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I got a beautiful AirBNB in Destin Florida with a friend for a nice two week vacation.  Was good to get out of Bozeman and this never ending 2023 Winter.  Going through the TSA screening at the airport, I got flagged for an unknown object embedded in my skin.  Told them I have Stage IV Lung Cancer and showed them the port which pushes the skin up.  I had to have my fingers wiped, and rub it on the port to determine there were no explosives in my port.  I have to say, TSA was very respectful, wished me well in my cancer fight, and only delayed me by a minute or two.  They didn't even ask to see my Tagrisso medicine which was packed in my carryon.  If they did, I was prepared to tell them they can open that up if they so desire, but if they had plans on having children, they might want to stay away from my Tagrisso.  I left the Accredo pharmacy literature on the pill bottle just in case they wanted to know what is was. 

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SO GLAD you got into the sunshine! We just spent 3 days in sunny AZ for a family thing and I was so grateful to get out of our never-ending rain and gray. Where is spring?! It can’t come soon enough. 

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Hi Kamoto…so glad there was not a major problem with TSA. When my mother had her port put in her Dr gave her a script or paper that she carried with her whenever she traveled. That may be something you can ask about for the next time you travel. Happy you got to enjoy some relaxation and sunshine!


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