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Small Cell Lung Cancer- Nutrition & Supplements to Support


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My mother's biopsy came back positive for small cell lung cancer.  She is due to for an adrenal biopsy this week in addition to a brain MRI followed up with a meeting with radiologist and cancer treatment team.  I've researched at length the therapies they will most likely provide her depending if it's limited or extensive. My mother is a young 64, an avid pickleball play and hydrorower.  She quit smoking and drinking 5 years ago and is in the best shape of her life.  Learning of the biopsy results has stunned our family (it was her worst fear as her dad and brother- both heavy smokers up until diagnosis passed away from small cancer too).  She is a mover and a shaker and ready to kick this cancer's you know what and I'm researching best diets for this type of cancer and also legit supplements that she can add into her care that will help her remain healthy and fight this.  Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you so much & take care.  -Amy 

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Sorry to hear about your mum. This is going to be one of the toughest times - getting to grips with a new reality. But as you will see on this forum, there are plenty of us who have come back from the brink, even with a stage 4 diagnosis, so plenty of hope!

Re nutrition etc, my main advice to families is make sure your mum is onboard. Personally, I felt a lot of pressure from friends and family who had lots of well-meaning suggestions. I leave a reasonably healthy life, and cancer treatment can be difficult enough, so not necessarily the time to go on any kind of diet. Mental health is just as important, and if a daily cake is her jam, let it be. Re supplements, it is really best left to discuss with your medical team. Many of the new treatments (especially immunotherapy) have lots of interactions with supplements, so make sure ANYTHING is cleared with the medical oncologists.

all the best wishes for your mum and your family, Rikke

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I’m so sorry. Sounds like your Mom was making great strides to improve her health and this really feels like a slap in the face. I wouldn’t take any vitamins or supplements until you speak with the oncologist. My feelings are that they surely help repair good cells but when the cancer is active is it also helping it??

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