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Single brain met


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Exactly 2 years after the  first diagnoses and few treatments, my brother git diagnosed with a brain metastasis.  KT of the brain native and contrast scan.

Single met 20mm across, current symptoms are that he gets random numbness attacks of his arm and face. These attacks occured few times in the last month. Otherwise he is fine, but I do fear that his mental health will deteriorate after this, which is understandable.

It does not appear that there are other tumors elsewhere.

We are visiting the oncologist tomorrow to understand what are next steps.

Just wanted to share this, my brother was doing great since March 2022 when the scans showed no new progress or new tumours.

Will update with whatever the oncologists says. The neurologist says that surgery is possible, will discuss with oncologist if that is advisable.

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We are discussing options, there is a possibility for a regular operation because it is a surface met, (right side, temporal) but I'd prefer gamma knife.

We are waiting for MRI scan and visit the oncologist.

Meanwhile, my brother developed a balance issue but it started right after he started taking tegretol (prescribed to prevent seazures) and dexamethasome injections 3 times daily.

Anyone with experience on (tegretol) carbamazepine side effects?

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The MRI confirmed that it is one met, again neurosurgeon and the oncologist said that it is right on the surface of the brain, nothing complicated for regular surgery...still the skull is being opened.

Both of them independently expressed concern about the nature of the tumor. As biopsy has not beenade they are not certain if it is a metastasis or something new. Something about the coloring in the scan...The neurologist also said that there is no imidiate danger for complications.

I was a bit amazed that the oncologist dismissed my question about gamma knife, so will have to persist on next appointment or ask another oncologist.

The neurologist changed the tegretol with keppra, this improved the balance issues my brother was having after started with the antiepiliptic therapy.

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  • 3 months later...

Have not updated in a while, and while I wish I was writing this sooner, my brother will undergo sbrt (gamma knife) 5 fractions this week.

The doctor was not too excited with the size of the lesion which is almost 3cm, but says that there is 80 percent chance for the lesion to be fully eliminated and about 15% there will be a left over tissue.

It is a shame that we kind of wasted 3 months, but my brother was just not cooperative on this part and was relying on the initial doctor opinion. (The oncologist is fine but was limited in resources such as precise radiation therapy).

So we will see how this goes. The oncologist (new one) says it might take 6 to 8 months for the lesion to shrink to the smallest possible size or to be eliminated. He also suggests regular surgery, but cautioned that it might have effects on the left side of the face and body (losing sense or paralized) especially the face. However he did say that regular at that point might be better than radiation.

Stay strong!

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I am also a caregiver, the son of a patient, and I understand the unimaginable human difficulties when what we want makes the patient afraid.  Non-cooperation, denial, running away... exhaust us every day, but let's sympathize with them, because we are not patients.  I pray for you.  Please maintain your health and spirit.  Your brother is already a miracle in SCLC (with just standard chemotherapy and radiation), and you are also a great person.  This is strictly the patient's fight, but when a patient has cancer, it is the fight of the whole family, of those who love the patient.  

I pray for both of you.

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Hello all,

It has been two months since my brother had SBRT for the brain metastasis. He receved 5 fractions of gamma knife treatment in September.

He just made a control MRI and things are looking good.

From a lesion of about 27mm diametar it shrunk to 16x21mm. There is no noticable hemorrhage in the lesion and perhaps no blood vessels.

This was expected according to the doctor and expecting to shrunk even more in upcoming months, control scan in 2 months.

Meanwhile my brother is feeling fine, although he has some issues with certain smells and foods, this is probably due to the changes in the lesion area.

Just sent the scan to the doctor in Turkey and awaiting for feedback.

A little more for Turkey. Since in my country we do not have any type of SBRT, we contacted local outposts of Turkey hospitals to check for options, there are plenty of those in Europe for all sorts of medical treatments.

The treatment including transfers to and from airport and from hotel to hospital costs 6000Euros and it includes the followup consultations.

I am just mentioniong this because I know that  if you don't have good health insurance this kind of treatment would cost more. Istanbul has very good hospitals and experienced doctors.

This is for anybody that might come across this post. If you need more information you can contact me, I will share what I know.

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Glad to hear that the lesion is shrinking and hope it will more with the next MRI. I had gamma knife last week for a 5mm lesion on my right temporal lobe, also another small one detected with MRI the morning of my procedure. I will have follow up MRI in two months.

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