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The most recent scan report is in

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"1. Stable posttreatment changes in right lower lung.
2. No adenopathy or recurrent disease.

I had two fabulous weeks in Italy, now a report of no recurrent disease. What else matters? 

Brain check-up next month. 

Hope you're all having some nice moments in your days. 



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So glad to hear!  I started reading your Cancer Words. You are a terrific writer and you have really captured so many of the feelings. I am way behind you. I was diagnosed in November 2022 with stage three a squamous cell lung cancer. I am now on a durvaluminab  immunotherapy but I’ve only had a couple of infusions.   I find your insights very helpful. I wanted to comment on a couple of your postings, but I couldn’t figure out how but that’s OK. I hope you continue to do well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

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@Sallysh,thank you. I am so, so glad you find it helpful. The settings have commenting turned off for older posts, but I can change that.

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