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Very nice pic. It looks like the 'four muskateers'. You're a good friend to spend so much time digging into lung cancer info for Bob. I'm sure he and his wife are deeply appreciative. One side effect of being hit with lc out of the blue is "BRAIN FOG"......Often a person needs time to adjust to the world of cancer. A period of 'sticker shock' is pretty normal. I actually went through my surgery in a semi-haze. Afterwards the chemo woke me up to reality and I had to stay grounded and continue to fight for my life. An advocate in the form of a long-time close friend is one of the greatest gifts a cancer patient could receive. Keep up the good work Nell.

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Nice picture. You are a good friend. You are doing better than I am with this posting thing. I still can't find a pic on my hard drive that isn't too big to post and have no idea how to make it smaller.

Keep up the good work for Bob. The four of you look like you are having a great time.


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