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snow and teenage drivers


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Two days ago my 18 year old had a collision with a telephone pole, and the pole won. He is fine, other than a bruised ego and a fat lip. The roads were just starting to get bad, and he lost control of the car.

I spent yesterday naming all the fatal accidents I knew of involving telephone poles. The fact that he walked away and I drove him home was a miracle.

Just found out the car is totaled, which I kind of expected. Now we must find a new car and find the money for it. We have yet to pay Uncle Sam, and that amount is not a small piece of change.

I got on here and read posts. And put the car issues way into perspective. We will get through this small bump. We have to feel it, acknowledge it, and process through it. I didn't go through cancer 3 X to get stuck here.

So i am going to the gym. And getting my massage tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.


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Oh Gail, Sweetie I got your perspective:

My son is 16. He's been driving since September. He has so far had:

1 accident with his truck ($5,000.00 damage to the other vehicle)

1 accident with his dad's van ($8,000.00 in damage to the van)

1 spin out on the expressway ramp.

1 dive into the ditch.

So from my perspective your son's a pretty good driver. :P

Seriously though, telephone poles don't move and that is scary.

Good Luck Gail, hang in there. Boys are so much fun. :roll:


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My brother's first car was a '72 Chevelle - and he "played" too much with the MotorCity Muscle to keep tread on his tires. He plowed into a HUGE oak tree - on Main Street in a small town - the tree didn't move - at all. Ten years later you can STILL see a tent where he hit... Totaled his car, bent the frame...and he, too, called Dad and walked away unharmed but for his ego..

Me, being the WONDERFUL, understanding older sister, christened the "fixer-upper" that was towed home and put on blocks to await "repair" (he FINALLY sold it for parts a couple years back) the "Oak Eater"....had I been able to find a plastic model of the same vehicle, I was going to grotesquely melt the front end and put a big ol' tree trunk in it...

Gail, glad to hear the boy was okay, hope he learned something through the fear (18 is a short life to flash before the eyes, but still scary)!

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So glad your son is ok..Boy did I hate those times, when my kids first got their license..My daughter hit a car when she was pulling out of a parking lot, and my son hit a car when he was turning left, no one was hurt thank God..I am so glad those days are over...

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