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4th stage lung cancer

Guest sister sister

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Guest sister sister


hi im new and need to talk to someone who has a good stoey to tell my sister was just given the bad news and they cannot operate 5% chance of living 3 years she has twin girls 12 years old Somebody help

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No-one can put an exact time on this is one positive. There are people out there that have been given 6 months that have survived for years. The main thing that you can do is keep a positive attitude and make sure she does to. Use places like this forum to obtain valuable information about treatments and medicines that can help along the way. We have definitely had to keep his doctor on his toes.

My Father-in-law was given 4-6 months Oct 2002 and appears to be getting stronger each day. He has small cell lung cancer Stage IV with mets to the liver and in his spine.

Today he went with our family to my sons soccer game and season end party and for the 1st time in several month, chose to walk instead of using his wheelchair.

Each case is different and each individual reacts differently to the treatments, but main thing is that you dont start your morning process now and use this time to assist and be positive.

Welcome to the board, however sorry you had to come.!!

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Guest sister sister

Thank you for your replies my sister has small cell lung thaat has spread to both of her lungs lymph nodes neck and coladerl she is trying so hard to fight and has not come to terms with this yet we just found out 2 weeks ago she is only 40 years old and is angry and cries all the time i need to do something for her she heres only horrer stories and need some good ones

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Dear Friend,

Did you know that your sister is considered a cancer survivor and has been a survivor since the day of her diagnosis? There are many wonderful and caring lung cancer survivors and their loved ones on this website and you will get a lot of information and support here. There are also wonderful lung cancer survivors' stories at the following website:


Good luck to you and your sister. I am thinking of you.


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Guest DaveG

Ok, Here is my story. In September, 2001, I was diagnosed with Stage I Non Small Cell Lung cancer, with a 3cm tumor in the lower lobe of my right lung. On October 8, 2001, I had surgery in which the tumor was sucessfully removed. Six lymph nodes were also removed and were found to be clear of cancer.

In August 2002, a follow-up CT Scan showed, what appeared to another tumor, in the lower lobe of my right lung. I opted for a second surgery and that sugery revealed a benign tumor. Six lymph nodes were again removed and all were negative for ccancer.

On April1, 2003, i went for my 6 month post surgery follow-up. A CT Scan was doen in conjunction with this follow-up. The CT Scan revealed that I had, what appeared to be, several "hot" lymph nodes. My throracic surgeon recommended I meet with my Oncologist, as these lymph nodes appeared to be cancerous.

I met with my oncologist, Dr. Joan Schiller, University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center (Dr. Schiller is a well known Lung Cancer Oncologist) on April 8. Because I was missing several of my eariler CT Scans, Dr. Schiller, rescheduled an appointment for April 16. On the April 16 appointment I had a PET Scan, and Lab Work. After the Lab work, Dr. Schiller reviewed the results of the PET Scan and compared all my previous CT Scans. The PET Scan revealed that I had many hot lymph nodes throughout my lymphatic system. Originally I was to have a medialsteinal scope for a biopsy of several of my medialsteinal lymph nodes. Since I had enlarged lymph nodes in the left side of my neck, it was decided that those would be biposied instead. A needle biopsy was done that afternoon of several of the lymph nodes in my neck.

I returned on April 18 to meet with Dr. Schiller about the results of the biopsy. As it turned out, it was the worse case scenario as the biopsy showed that I had metastatic lung cancer sytemically to my lymphatice system and I was retaged from Stage I Non Small Cell Lung Cancer to Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. Dr. Schiller did not have to tell what this meant. What she asked next, indicated to me where she stood, as she asked for my intentions. Before I could say anything, my wife told Dr. Schiller that she wanted me to be alive for our 50th Wedding Anniversary in 18 years. Dr. Schiller then asked if that is what I want, and I said yes. Then Dr. Schiller said that she wanted to have the first dance at our 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration. My wife said that if Dr. Schiller can get us there the dance is her's.

Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung cancer is the worst diagnosis anyone can receive for lung cancer. The choises are, go with the statistics, or beat the statistics. First of statistics are nothing but numbers. The do not have names attached to those numbers. I am a name. I am a living breathing person, I have a name and that is Dave Grant. I have a tremendous will to live and live for many more years.

This website was created with hope, love, and support as the primary goals. The name: LUNG CANCER SURVIVORS FOR CHANGE is a direct reflection of what we are about, survivorship and change. We want to change the attitude of the general public in regards to lung cancerand also change the attitude of those with lung cancer, that lung cancer can be and is surviviable.

Tomorrow, May 5, 2003, I start a 18 week regimen of 6 cycles of Carboplatin/Taxel, plus a clinical trial. I will receive the Carbo/Taxel once every 3 weeks. The clinical trial involves me giving myself two shots each day. The goal of the Carbo/Taxel is to shrink the tumors and the goal of the clinical trial is to diminish the blood supply to the tumors.

Dr. Schiller told me that she will not be able to cure the cancer, but she believes that she can bring it under control and keep it under control. The possibility exists that I will be facing chemo for possibly the next 2-3 years. If that is what it will take, then so be it. I have made a commitment to live to, and beyond, my 50th Wedding Anniversary in 18 years. I am going to do everything humanly possible to make that. I have also turned all this over to God and through His Grace I believe I will make it.

Attitude is all so important to survival. Maintain a good attitude from the start and it will work wonders and miracles. Many here will attest to this.

I hope that you will bring your sister to this website and show her the Hope, Love, and Support that is here.

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Sister friend,

Hello... and welcome. I'm sorry to hear that your sister has Lung Cancer. I know how overwhelming and scarey it is when a family member is diagnosed. :cry: My Mom was diagnosed with SCLC in October of 2002. She had a large tumor on her bronchis and her Right lung was collapsed. She also had a tumor in her neck and lymph nodes. SCLC is usually inoperable, My Moms was too.. it sounds bad but it responds very well to chemo and radiation. And that cleared my Moms tumors up. Thank God we were never given statistics.. We were just told 50% chance it could come back 50% never get it back.. at one point we were even told twice that it was "probably in her brain".. but she was treated and now she is in remission and there are no tumors so far they are all gone! I know it seems like the world is going to end, but with treatment and someone like yourself to look after her care she and help keep her positive she will get through this. I am not sure why the doctors told her those stats.. I have heard them here but never let it bother me.. fiqure everyone is different and only God knows the answer.

Try and stay positive.. for your and your sisters sake. She CAN beat this!! We even have a survivor of 20 years here!

Blessings to you and your sister!


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Sister Welcome!!

You have come to the right place!!!

I have NSCLC stage 4. In Jan was DX & given 3 mo to live. :(

WELL! I had no intentions of dying!!! I had just retired! Here it is 4 mo later I am still here on this earth! :D Feeling better than I have in a couple of years! So You See I Am Already a survivor!! I had 4 treatments of Taxol & Carbo so far & the turmors have shrunk considerable!!!! I am off Oxygen !!!! :D Whitch I was on before. The symthoms that I had gone to the Dr. For are all gone!!!!!

I Plan on living for at least another 10 yrs!!!!

Caregivers,loving family,& friends is the best medicine!!!!!!!

Tell your sister to set a goal & go for it!!!!!! positive attitude makes all the differance !!!

(((((hugs )))


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Guest marta1

Hello friend,

First off let me say how sorry I am to hear that your loved one has LC...its never something easy to hear.

Your sister is going through a very tough time right now..shock, anger, denial and depression are difficult yet completely normal reactions to experience. You too will feel these emotions...please let yourself be upset..and let your sister do the same..cry as much as you need to..THEN..get in the ring..you and your family have a fight ahead of you!!!!

Cancer is not a easy road to travel, and we are all on the roller coaster TOGETHER

I wont tell you that this is an easy fight...because its not...but PLEASE stay away from those stats..they are old and outdated..don't take age or general health into consideration..

New research is being conducted and with it is coming more HOPE!!!

Stay with us...come here often...you'll find that this diagnosis is by no means a death sentence...and yes....she CAN fight this thing!!

Hugs coming your way,


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I am so sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis. I know those beginning days can be so difficult. My mom has Small Cell cancer and was quite sick when she was diagnosed. She is doing really, really well right now. Small Cell is very responsive to chemotherapy, she will do great once she gets started. We have a woman on our board who's Dad is surving 20 years since his first diagnosis of small cell cancer!! So don't believe all the doom and gloom stats. She can beat them!!!!!!!

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Welcome, I am so sorry you have the need to come to a place like this, but since you do, this is a great place to come. There are so many strong and wonderfully supportive people here. It's a great place to come for information, to vent and cry, and to lift your spirits. Once here, you are part of the loving lung cancer survivorship family.

Please tell your sister that there are people who definitely survive this disease. Not just survive, but Beat the HELL out of it.

Others have mentioned that we have a member on this board whos father was diagnosed with SCLC and was in remission for 20 years. That story is one of two that truly gives me hope. The other comes from my husband's oncologist. He has another patient who was roughly the same age as my husband, he was 37 went diagnosed and the same health factor. My husband is 31, and prior to diagnosis, extremely healthy. However, this other patient had SCLC, with Mets to the lymph nodes and brain. Doctors gave him about a year to live. Through chemotherapy he went into remission, using a maintenance therapy, they have kept it in remission now for a little over 30 years. If that isn't beating the Heck out of what is suppose to be one of the most aggressive forms of cancer I don't know what is.

We all have to keep our hope alive. Keep thinking positive, the powers of mental attitude can not be measured, but are always a big factor.

In the mean time, we will add your sister to our prayers.

God Bless,


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Guest sister sister


First I would like to thank all of you who responded so quickely and in kind!!!! You are making me feel like I am not alone and neither is my sister, BUT most importantly that in fact their is hope and we can be a name not a stat . She {Ann} had her first chemo / Carboplatiam/Gemzar on Thursday May 1st and got very sick also she had in the past couple of days new nodes on her neck she is already losing hope . We live 4 hours apart and I am trying to be their as much as possible . I am going down for her next chemo and to have her wig fitted :( with her on Wednesday May 7th what can I say I know where their is life their is hope but I need more for her HELP

With ALL of my love and to all of you, you are all in my prayers

Sister Sister {christine}

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