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Brain CT Scan tonite & transfer to another hospital


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My dad today morning went back to hospital. The stitches are removed and the wound is fine. Since these few days he has headache and neurosurgeon said headache after surgery is normal but tonite he will have a brain CT scan for making sure he is fine.

Today we met the psychiatrist and he said because my dad's delusion still happens after taking the minimum dosage that he will arrange my father transferring to another hospital -- psychiatric ward. He diagnosed my dad is "Paranoid Delusions". The psychiatrist will increase the med dosage.

We are just worrying whether the environment will further affect his mood and disease but the psychiatrist told treating him is the first priority. I have mentioned could we bring my dad home as I observed that my dad's mood is calm while he is home but he suggested him to be monitored in hospital as we do not know what exactly my dad is thinking and we may not handle him IF he has suicidal intention.

We are assured that the environment of that hospital is better than current one and looks like home. The medical staff said we should give my dad chance of being treated.

So, most likely tomorrow my dad will be transferred to another hospital and I hope he doesn't need to stay in that hospital for too long.

Please pray for my dad that he is fine with either mental and physical. My dad has been passed through too much. For me, his mental is a temporary problem only and treatable but what I really hope is that the cancer is stable......

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My wife had bi-polar affective disorder (what used to be called "manic - depression"). She has had 2 psycotic breaks in the last 20 years, both of which included paranoid delusions. The last one, almost 3 years ago now, involved a month long hospital stay. So I KNOW how hard this is for you and your Dad.

So often, when we hear the word "psych ward" we think of horror stories we've seen on TV and the movies (the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" comes to mind), but, for the most part, that isn't the way things are today. The psych ward Gay ended up in was a great place. Nice rooms, a "home like" environment and a wonderful staff. Heck, I wouldn't have minded staying there myself! :)

Another thing: The advances in the treatment of psycotic disorders have been nothing short of astronomical in the last decade. New understanding of how the brain works have led to new medications and treatments that have been almost miracalious in there effect on Gay (my wife).

Some tips for dealing with your Dad's condition:

The main one is to understand that what your Dad sees and hears and thinks is VERY REAL to him. Thoughts that some one is "out to get him (or his family)" may seem completely "off the wall" to those around him. But for him they are the reality he lives in and, as such, are going to control his behavour so having him in a safe place is VERY important. In this your psychiatrist is VERY right in being leary about having him at home. Those delusions can lead to violent or suicidal behavour with little or no warning.

While aknowlaging to your Dad that the delusions he has may seem real to him CALMLY refuse to buy into them. "Calm" being the opporative word here. Arguing only increases the stress, which, in turn, increases the delusions.

For you and your family: Understand that in the vast majority of cases pyshosis is a TEMPORARY condition. Even without medication most folks "re-constitute" (return to normal behavior) within a fairly short period of time. With medication a person re-constitues faster and stays "normal" longer ... many times for the rest of their lives.

Like I said ... I KNOW how hard this can be for you. Compared to dealing with Gay's psychosis, dealing with my cancer has been a walk in the park.

Prayer for you and your Dad.


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My heart goes out to you and your family accross the ocean and the many miles. I have no answers and only questions, as you and your family have questions. I don't know the "why" to all of this you face. I can hear in your words how helpless you feel and pls know that we, as humans, are helpless in the face of so many things.

All you can do is follow the medical advice and keep a watchful eye on how he is and how he is being treated. And love him, of course.


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Berisa.....I'm sending along some extra strength I haven't been using lately. Maybe you could use an extra shoulder to lean on now and again. Please know there are many souls praying and pulling for your dad to regain enough will and strength to continue the fight.....just as he has fought the good fight since the beginning. You are an inspiration Berisa. You stand tall by your father's side... and together you make cancer push and shove so much harder to get through. You're lucky to have each other I know....and you know. My heart goes out to you and your family...................mayos

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Thank you all your kind words and prayers offered to my dad.

Dean, your words reassure me that Psychiatrist ward is not a terrible place. Thank you and I know you could feel what I am now facing. Thank you all for being with me always.... :)

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Guest phyllisb

I am sorry for all that you and your family and father are dealing with right now. When I was placed in a morphine induced coma I would have delusions when the medicine would start to wear off. Of course once the morphine was stopped the delusions stopped. I still vaguely remember them, but the condition should be temporary. You have come so far.

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Dear Barisa,

I am so very sorry that you are going through such a terrible time at the moment. Lets hope your father's stay in the new hospital will be very temporary. He is so lucky to have such a sweet and caring daughter as you are. Prayers and positive thoughts to you, your Dad and all the family.


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