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Somthing I am working on....


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I have a question for you..what are you still doing here if you are going to start a new board with Estrea and you hate Rick adn Katie so much? Yep, I saw it on the old address

www.lungcancersurvivors.org and the new name is gonna be some thing like Survivors for Awareness or something like that.

I wish you much success, but it is a shame that you had to post on that web page more lies. I saw your post in the general forum where you demanded to be REMOVED...and yet that page says you two were "pushed out"... duh? I seen it with my own eyes

When will the lies stop? When will you two stop playing victims when it was you who started it all?

OH. P.S. Rick- I love the new "movie" thing. Let us know when it is done. We are so lucky to have you and have THIS place. P.S.S. Rick, I can't remember my password can you help? (as tho you don't have enough to do right? !! :wink: )


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Ok guys, lets not start all of this up again...

I know there are plenty of people that work at Foley's but still shop at Macys.

Anyone is allowed to come here !!!

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Oh my gosh Rick...I am just speechless. I am moved to tears. Can I have my mom included please? http://members16.clubphoto.com/natalie7 ... 1ff6.phtml

Let me know if you need me to send it to you in an email as an attachment. Her name was Claudine Pritchard. I miss her so much. She was one in a million and the best mother I could have asked for. I only hope I can be half of what she was to others.

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Oh, Rick. Thank you, thank you, thank your for including our Daddy in this most beautiful memorial. Yes, his death was way before anything like this message board was even imaginable, but I still feel it to my core each and every day. And thank you to Katie or whomever wrote the wonderful words at the end. It's as if it was taken straight from my heart.

Love and Blessings,


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It is absolutely beautiful. Is this in addition to the other one too. I really like the format of that and the capabilities to write our captions too and read what other have shared... You can't even imagine how much you and Katie are appreciated. Thank you, thank you so much...

Blessings, prayers and hugs from So. California,


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