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The Cancer Dance--for Betsplace


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First of all, I am sorry you are feeling bad today. You have been through a lot this last week and it is no surprise that you dont feel well today. Just happy to be out of hospital, I bet.

Yes, I know what you mean about protecting the ones you love with your happy face. I am learning that now. ANd you know what, they are probably doing that too, trying to protect you with their happy faces. We do that, too, on the board, sometimes, don't ya think? I call it the "cancer dance"--

to a song with not a catchy beat, a dance though that comes naturally--oh isn't it fun?

Seriously, I imagine the dance is healthy, unless someone CONSTANTLY dances. That would wear a person out, wouldn't it? We all need a chance and a place to stop dancing now and again. I hope for all of us, this happens in the arms of loved ones. When we stop a minute and really listen, the music is its own dance of sound....And tears, too: they are music.

Betty, I care for you and all of us.

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Oh I think my dance is healthy! I don't deny the tears and terror, I acknowledge them. I just try to keep their cycle short. Elaine, thank you for your kind words and thoughts, they help me make it through.

Hugs and a Happy Dance :lol: going out for you tonight, just because!



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That's perfect dance! If I had my wedding again I'd have such dance on it 😀 I'm not that perfect dancer. but I'd do my best tho 😀 The best part was game that I found on http://www.weddingforward.com/shoe-game-how-to-play-question-ideas/. If I didn't, I didn't even know how my weedinng could look like. So it was great! Hope yours will be the same.

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