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Hello to everyone!!


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Yes we are doing pretty good, I guess. I returned to work full time week before last and overdid it a little and then deffintely overdid it last weekend tilling up part of the garden and planting some Collard Greens, Broccoli, Cauliflower and onions. This week I had to take one full day off and then I only worked a 1/2 day today. I just feel so tired and then my job is so intense that I get a litle light headed towards the end of the day, guess you could say my brain just starts to hurt. Karen has not been doing very well these past few weeks either. She discovered she has a thyroid problem which runs in her family and started medication for that then her allergies have been so bad that I finally convinced her to start getting some allergy shots. All of that combined with evrything from the whole of last year has just came crashing down and she has been not feeling well. One year ago this coming Sunday she took me to the emergency room were I was diagnosed with SCLC on our 10th wedding anniversary and she has been there for me every step of the way even when I have been a total A-hole on steroids. I am so lucky to have her, I do not know how she did it.

I'm not sure how I feel in my heart one year later. I feel so very sad that some of the friends I made here are no longer here and yes I do feel guilty because I have no evidence of cancer now and others have not been so lucky. I got close to several people who we have lost and it is devastating. I thank God every night for giving me a little more time to spend with Karen and Faith. And I pray that everyone here can acheive complete remission. My next scans are scheduled for the first week in May.

Faith is doing great,she is such a little miracle. She has grown so much since we got her in Oct. of 2002. She still is strugling with talking but other than that she is doing wonderfull. She is definitely Daddy's little girl.

This is going to be a full weekend for me. Karen and I are going out tomorrow night for a nice dinner to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary and then Sunday is the St. Baldericks Day Celebration. I will be getting my head shaved to help raise money for research for Childhood Cancer. It is an event sponsered by The National Childhood Cancer Foundation, a national organization which has been given the top ratings by non profit watch groups. I have raised well over $2,000.00 between online donations and checks and cash people have donated. In fact I am in the lead for the shavee's here in Richmond VA.. I am supposed to be the first shavee and my story will be told and then linked right into the Childhood Cancer Research and the head shaving. The organizer of the Richmond event has been in touch with all the news organizations but does not know if anyone will be there to cover the event. By the way this is also the organization my sister BeckyCW has worked for for years. She has been going all over CA going to the different St. Baldricks events for the past several weeks. If you want to check out the site or feel you can help support this cause please see my web page:

http://www.stbaldricks.org/ShaveePhoto. ... r=15314437

This site also has links to the St. Baldricks site. Becky has been in the Cancer fund raising business for many many years and she pointed out that a lot of the advances for all cancers have come from the research performed for Childhood Cancer. I could not imagine Faith being stricken with Cancer, I would give my life for her. It is bad enough that I got it at the age of 38.

I do feel guilty about not organizing anything for Lung Cancer (don't worry I have not forgot about The Instigator), I just don't have the energy to do any organizing. Don't know if y'all realize it but Richmond is the home of Phillip Morris and employs a significant amount of people here. VA is very, very tobacco freindly.

I have missed you all, I will pledge to do better about getting online, I do pop in everyother day or so and read the posts but like I have said I have been so tired I just don't feel like posting. I see your joys and feel your pains and pray for you all. I better stop rambling here and get to bed, this will be a long weekend and I go in to get my port flushed monday, boy they sure will be surprised to see me bald again, ha,ha. Take care everybody.

David C

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Congratulations on NED and your triumph over cancer one year later. Hope your dear wife Karen is feeling stronger these days. My sister has thyroid disease along with diabetes, and it totally zaps her of her energy. It is also responsible for depression. Give her my regards. Hope your weekend is successful and raises lots of money for children's cancer research. Give Faith a big kiss for me.


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