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Anyone know about fluid in lung with tumor?


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My Dad has successfullu fought stage IV cancer for one year. He returned to Florida and his friends from PA four weeks ago after the green light from his oncologist. He wa taken to ER and admitted for low blood pressure, chest pain and labored breathing (he needs oxygen on more and more often). They advised him to come home to PA and see his oncologist ASAP. They said there is nothing they can do. He had fluid in his bad lung and they said they think it is being created by cancer cells eating the lung itself. His one live enzyme was extremely high, but one cardiologist said that can happen after chemo and radiation (that ended at least 4 months ago.) Has anyone had any similar experience. I pray they are wrong and the fluid can be drained so he will breathe easier. He is such a fighter, he will never give in...but this time I am so scared. Please share any experiences with me...thank you...I haven't posted in months....I miss the support.

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I have had fluid drawn off my right lung twice and felt better after each one. The fluid build up can push things out of place causing pain and shortness of breath. They will do a culture on it to see if if contains cancer cells. Mine did not contain any.

Prayers for an easy treatment headed your way.

God Bless,


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THis is how my mom's cancer was diagnosed (they removed the fluid from her right lung and found cancer cells) also the CT Scan showed lots of pea sized nodules in her lung and throughout the chest wall, so surgery wasnt an option. They DID remove the fluid which helped alot with her pain and shortness of breath, and she started chemo right away, which put the cancer into remission a couple months later. However the fluid began to build back up (caused by the cancer) and she started to get pain again and shortness of breath, etc..........they couldnt remove the fluid again, the Dr.'s claimed it gets more risky every time they do the procedure, so she started on chemo again, which did help the fluid to diminish somewhat.......but by this time she was worsening and went on Oxygen therapy at home, she needed it pretty much all the time to help with her breathing. Also, she now had Met's to the liver and brain. To make a long story short, my Mom lost her fight on Feb. 26th 2004, 11 months after diagnosis. She never accepted what was happening to her, she was a fighter and had tons of faith in God, and wanted to live more than anyone Ive ever seen.....she was my best friend and I miss her so much, I dont think the pain will ever go away, I live one day at a time mostly. Everyone cancer is a different case, many people live much longer with lung cancer...hang in there and just dont give up on praying and having hope, it helps alot!! Just wanted to share my story, since it was somewhat related to this topic. TAKE CARE!!

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