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Scnd Annual LC Fund/Awareness raiser in NYC Sunday, April 25


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Anyone in the NYC TRi-State area want to volunteer/participate with me?


Thomas G. Labrecque Foundation

About Us

The foundation was founded in 2002 by the Labrecque family in honor of Tom’s memory. At the age of 62 the former Chairman of Chase, a non-smoker, died from lung cancer. Tom’s family and friends initiated the Thomas G. Labrecque Classic, “Run as One” event, with the hopes of raising lung cancer awareness and vital research dollars to find a cure.

We Pledge

To spread awareness that anyone, at any age, can suffer from lung cancer.

To support lung cancer research by funding the development of new treatments and better screening tools.

To justly focus media and grassroots attention on lung cancer, since it is the #1 cancer killer in the US

To continue the fight…

Race Information and Registration

Who’s participating so far?

More than 6,000 adults and children are expected to participate this year. Participants include Tom’s family and personal friends; Tom’s “extended family” at JP Morgan Chase; members of New York Road Runners Club; physicians, nurses, staff and patients from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and hundreds of other caring individuals.

Activities for children of all ages will follow the race.

The funds raised will go towards research and lung cancer awareness, with all research dollars going to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Corporate Sponsers:

JP MorganChase





Time Warner

Prudential Financial

March and McLennon Incorporated


850 Third Avenue, 21st Floor NY, NY 10022, USA

phone 212-331-6855 | fax 212-331-6608


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I contacted them--but as it was late Friday afternoon, I am not expecting to hear from them until Monday/Tuesday. If I don't hear back by then, I will place a phone call.

I don't know what the "volunteers" do, but am particularly curious to find out.

I will post (and/orPM you) any and all additional information I receive on the board.

Last year (the first NYC walk/run) apparently over 6,000 people participated. Not bad. And I am telling everyone I know in the tri-state area about it (and asking them to participate in lieu of birthday, engagement gifts, etc.).

I am also trying to see if I can can find out what "corporate sponsership" entails ($$$) and see if I can enlist any additional sponsers. I also plan to make sure that my friends at various news/media organizations know about the event and give it plenty of press.

Let's hope for good weather on Sunday, April 25th in NYC.

I might not acheive any of this--but a gal can try, right?

It is time that the general public got the information they need to know (and we need them to know) about LC!!! I knew NOTHING about this disease only TWO weeks ago!--How appalling is that?!?



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Hi Melinda and Christina,

I have been off the boards for a few days, spent the morning trying to find Christina's original post, but couldn't, must be the jetlag! :shock::? I would LOVE to volunteer, so please pass along any information you get, hopefully someone will call you back soon Melinda. I think it will be a wonderful thing to do together and will be a great day to finally meet some of our LCS4C family members.


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