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CURE and HEAL - great!


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Hi All -

Just got in from a short motorcycle ride (it's sunny and 50 degrees, but pretty windy!), and my CURE magazine has been sitting on the dining room table for a week, so I finally took a minute to sit down and go thru it.

Well, made it thru page 2! And I had to come to the computer and ask if anyone is going to the CURE Patient & Survivor forums in Dallas on May 22 and 23? It says "there will be lots of networking time and representatives froms from some of the country's major advocacy and support groups"!

ANNNNNNNNNNNND - I see they're going to be coming out with another magazine too - called HEAL. "where CURE looks primarily at those issues for the newly diagnosed and those in treatment with updates on cancer treatments and the newest clinical trials, HEAL will look at what life brings after treatment has ended when we have to figure out what bus just ran us down and how we plan to live now that we know no one is promised tomorrow. It will explore the medical, emotional and lifestyle issues that persist for all survivors." Yeah! I think the fact that they're going to have a whole magazine devoted to survivors is a great indication of the number of survivors there ARE!

Love you all....

Hugs and prayers,


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Thanks for sharing. Haven't gotten my Cure Mag yet. Will read when I do get it. Happry to hear you are doing great.

Keep on, keepin on and be careful on that big Bike. It looks mighty big... You shpuld be here in California riding. It's been in the mid 80's, no wind and just beautiful. 8)

Blessings and prayers from So. California,


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