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Memorial SLoan Kettering's latest press release on Iressa


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Below please find the link to Memorial Sloan Kettering's latest press release on their study of Iressa (why it seems to work better for some with NSCLC than others): "Study Examines Why New Lung Cancer Treatment Is Effective for Some Patients but Not Others"


Let me know if you can't access the link, and I will post the article.


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Hi All,

Here is something to ponder since Iressa is working well for me. I am a male and have adenocarcinoma with NO bronchioloalveolar features. Also, I am a former smoker. That pretty much is at odds with the findings of this study.

The message here, I believe, is that everyone should try Iressa! Yes, it's a lottery but some do manage to obtain good benefits even when they appear not to be a good candidate for the drug.



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Dear all,

Please make sure that you have read Mark's post above.

I did not post this link to *discourage* anyone--simply to let people see what is being "published", as we all have to educate ourselves about this disease and its many twists and turns. I, like many of you, am doing my darndest to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can--and ya'll have helped me a ton!!!

I, too, found the article to be interesting b/c before I had read it--I had read about many people on this board who were of BOTH genders and with different forms of the cancer who are doing very well on Iressa.

So, if you are so inclined, please read the article, but take it only for what it is. Even the "more certain" things in life occurr in a bell-shaped distribution, and as we all know FAR too well, the medical community (despite the best efforts of many dedicated professionals out there) is still playing "pin the tail on the donkey" with this disease.



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My mom has been on Iressa for about 30 days. I have been so hoping this is the answer for her. I just want this awful disease to slow down. I am so hoping for good news on her next scan as it kills me to see my dad upset and cry. I read the article. Also PierMarie sent me the article out of Womans World about Iressa. It gave me hope. Its all we have sometimes is hope for good scan results :)



10/03: 76 yr. Mom diagnosed squamous cell nsclc

11/04-1/04: 4 rounds of Taxol/Carbo

1/30/04: CT scan no change in growth/new spot 

2/4/04: Taxotere (1 hour intrav.)

2/8/04: Bad reaction, bedridden with Thrush/Diarrhea

2/26/04: Starts 15 days of Iressa

3/11: 30 more days of Iressa

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