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TBone - Computer Problems


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Just thought I'd let y'all know that TBone is experiencing some computer problems these days . . . is afraid he's lost everything, and is working hard to get back online.

As far as how he's feeling - his wife Ann told me this morning that he appears to have more energy. He was even plannnig to go to his son's double-header baseball game today (hope you had a great day at the plate, Elliott!!) He's working hard at downing as much Ensure as possibe, and I sent him some weight gain powder (which, by the way, I NEVER thought I'd have an occasion to buy :lol: !) We're gonna fatten him back up whether he likes it or not!

As usual, I'm in awe of you all for the support you've given our family. May your Spring be glorious.

Love and Blessings


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Tell TBone we'll be right here waiting for him... I'm SO glad to hear he's starting to feel better already! Thanks for letting us know. And yes, may it be a glorious spring for us all! (Here in So. Calif., it seems to be summer already...)


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TBone's wife called me a few hours ago to tell me that:

1) He'd had two cans of Ensure and a banana before she even got up this morning;

2) She was gonna help him lift the computer up onto something so he could start disassembling it;

3) Elliott's team won the first but lost the second game, but he did well - played the entire first game and hit a line drive that almost knocked the pitcher down;

4) TBone was there through the entire two games (albeit in the car resting for part of the second one, but we'll cut him some slack since he could see the action);


No, I don't expect y'all to be as excited as I was to hear all this. And no, I don't expect TBone to be particularly excited about my being so descriptive of his day. But hey - what are sisters for?!?! :lol::lol: (Right, BeckyCW?)

Y'all have a good Sunday.



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Good to hear a report of TBone's day(s). I sure hope he can get back online. I know how important this family is to him and to all of us. Don't stay away, and keep giving us updates until TBone himself appears. And then stay on to give us the real scoop--lol.

Miss you all. Give TBONE a phone hug.


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