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Road ahead is not smooth


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few hours later, my dad will have a surgery.

A little complication happened, few days before like I mentioned, my dad did a brain CT and found he got infection. Then neurosurgeon injected antibiotics to my dad for 2 days.

This morning, neurosurgeon told us my dad has to have another surgery to take the infected skull bone away.

Just give you all an update of him and he didn't be transferred to another hospital because of the infection. But this 2 days, his delusions problem is getting better.

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Thank goodness your father's delusions have improved. I think of you and your family each day, and today I will think especially hard for good things to come your way. You are going through so many hard times. No one knows why these things happen, but may you gain strength from knowing that so many care for all of you.


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My dad's surgery was postponed to today and was just done already. He said it is the most suffering thing since diagnosed.

The infected part of his skull is removed that he and we all have to pay more more attention to avoid any hurts/damages. The skin just cover part of his brain. Neurosurgeon is not sure whether they will put substitute back to the hole after six months later as they commented my dad is terminal that they consider the quality of life more.

I want to leave it open as my dad may be the miracle...

Thank u for all yr prayers and please do put my dad in your daily prayers as he is suffered too much. In 2 1/2 months, he had 3 craniotomies already.

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Guest Karen C

Berisa, like someone already mentioned, I do think a higher power is at work with your Dad. He's been through so much and still keeps on going. He is a strong man. You are one of my favorite people in this world so I know your Dad must be quite a remarkable guy to have raised such a kind and caring daughter.

I'm sorry we haven't been on much or posted much support lately. I think of you often.

I hope he heals well and fast and is feeling better soon.

Prayers to Berisa and her family,

Karen C.

Dave and Faith

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You and your father are in my prayers each day. Your father is a strong man and is so lucky to have a special daughter like you. Your dad will get through this small bump in the road. We are here for you...

God Bless, prayers and gentle hugs for you from So. California,


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