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Depression meds?


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I am preparing for a Doctors visit--joy of my life--lol. Anyway, I am on 40 mg of prozac, the same dosage I had been on pre-dx--though I had been off of it for nearly a year pre DX. I still cry several times a day, and the Doctor last time told me that was "normal'--normal, me? But I just cry at the drop of a hat. Like the mention of the word "grandchildren."--or the thought of my son or daughter's face. Is there something stronger I should ask for? It's not like I don't ever want to cry again. I don't mind crying sometimes, but this seems too much.

Any thoughts?


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Ask your doctor for Xanax as a "Band Aid". You would continue to take the Prozac (or even have the Rx upped) and take the Xanax when the walls start to close in and life is getting you down. Xanax seems to relieve the weight of the world from my chest when I have a lot to deal and THEN the ol' voice in the head kicks in....

If you notice that you are not sleeping well, you may want to ask for a sleep aid, too. Part of mental health is getting your REM and actually RESTING that darn brain (and shutting up that voice!).... I've noticed that it becomes a vicious cycle for me - if I don't get enough sleep, I start to forget things (short-term memory lapses)...when I start to forget things, I begin to stress...when I begin to stress, I start losing sleep... One good night of sleep helps some, two is HEAVEN!

Welcome to the new "normal". The good news is, you CAN change where you are, but you have to change how you think. It is possible, it's NOT easy. Start focusing on those grandchildren and work on beating the beast!

Wishing you luck!


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