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ATTN: Everyone


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The Wall of Memory was completely erased when the domain name www.lungcancersurvivors.org switched over. We contacted the hosting company, but it was too late to retrieve any data.

We did not get any warning- so we could not transfer it to another "location" first, to save our data.

We have ALL the photos- but none of the written tributes! :cry:

We will work hard to rebuild the Wall (ironic huh) but we need your help.

Anyone who posted on the wall of memory- please resend your written tributes to your loved ones and we will add it and the existing photo back onto the wall of memory.

Again, sorry for this major inconvenience. This was very unexpected and we are very sorry this has happened.

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Oy, yet another spring pot hole!

Maybe it won't take as long the second time since Rick has the experience of where to place all the cuss words from setting up the first one! (Unless, of course, it was some kind of beginner's luck miracle in the first place...)

Hope that getting it back up is relatively quick and easy on your end.

No information to post from me!

Rots o' ruck!


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Hi everyone- email rick and we will work like the devil to get it back up. Candy, it's ok to send it now while this is being done.

Don't forget to put Dates (DOB-DOD) and names and your "ID" and then your tribute.

Thank you all.

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