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I was dx in April 2002 with sclc to the right lobe at the almost center mass, involving the bronchial tube. Was given VP-16 & Cisplatin for 6 sessions & had radiation concurrent for 2 weeks, 2 x's daily. The tumor shrunk and I was given a clean bill of health in Oct. 2002.

In November I found a lump in my left breast. A sonagram revealed a larger tumor that was thought to be a secondary breast cancer. A surgeon did a lumpectomy, finding the tumor be be sclc, very unsual to go to the breast. Again I was told I was cancer free.

I had a followup CT in December and it was found that I have tumors on the adrenal glands & pelvis. Enter chemo Taxol. Three sessions and it was doing nothing, some growth was detected. And I got several new tumors on the same breast. Obviously not working!

I was swicthed to Carboplatin & Topetecan (SP) in March. I began having dizzyness and hoped it was the chemo. As it got to be more of a problem I told the Onc. and we did a brain scan last Thursday. Friday the results were several (about 10) leisions in the brain. We began radiation that day and a prescription of Dexamethasone to reduce swelling to get some balance back.

Talk about a mess, I sure seem to be in one. Anyone even near my symptoms or have any idea for me???

Linda E. Wisc.

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Guest hopeful2

I am so sorry things are not going well for you. Hopefully they will find the right combo of drugs and radiation and get rid of all that stuff!!!!

Sending many thoughts and prayers your way.

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