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Second time for radiation starting!!


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Hi everyone,

We are excited that Rob is going to get the 3D radiation on his rib mets, starting this week!! The pain is becoming so bad right now. Sat. night he hurt so bad, he was crying. (I was crying with him) He said he has never has this much pain in his life.

Last Friday, we went to Overlake Hospital in Bellevue Wa to see a new radiologist. He said they have all the latest technology from the University of Wash. there. The Dr also told us that he will have us get in touch with the head lung cancer Dr. at the UW med center to plan our next line of defense. Then if the chemo quits working we will have a new plan of attack all set to go when we need it! I like that Dr! It is going to be well worth the 130 mile drive each day. Rob has been so miserable for the past 3 months, its time for some relief now, and time for the cancer to go! He gets another CT scan on 3/29. So far no other mets! Thank you God! The Dr. said he thinks we are doing the right thing by coming to Overlake Med Center. We told him that we had to be our own advocates. Robs Onc. says "We will do whatever you want" WEll yeah, its a good thing this forum is here, you all have helped us tremendously! Thank God for the internet too, or we would not have known about the 3D, IMRT, Zemeta, etc. So thank you EVERYONE!!! :D This site it outasite! :wink:


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I think the UW affiliation in a smart move. I'm planning on "traveling" as needed. A while back I read an interesting study that said that the people who traveled the farthest for cancer treatment did the best! They thought it probably coordinated with the willingness to be more pro-active about the situation. You have my prayers. I'm over in Yakima, but if you want to talk or I can help, please contact me. BEST HUGS and LOVE!

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I don't have any answers but it seems you are asking the right questions and not giving up until you do get answers. My heart goes out to you, Rob and your family. I am about Rob's age and I have the same DX. It is so hard, I know. But he is a lucky man to have you by his side.


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