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Guest Josie

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Guest Josie

My dad who is 84 yrs old is a 10 yrs survivor of prostate cancer. He has COPD and Black Lung for the past 20 yrs. During a routine CT Scan a tumor was found in the upper right lobe. They are doing a broncoscopy tomorrow. Pulmonary specialist suggested that with biopsy and radiation. I just hope I'm doing the righ thing. Please keep him in your prayers. Any replies will be greatly appreciated.

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I too will be sending prayers your way but have been bothered by the one question you posed.... Am I doing the right thing? Get with your doctor and ask all of the questions (i.e.) After the Brocnospy what's next. For some that procedure alone is tough enough. My wife is 44 years old and otherwise healthy... It was tough on her. Next was the mediastinoscopy which was no picnic either. Your father is an elderly gentleman with many health problems and sometimes the so called "cure" is worse than the illness. Radiation and chemo usually follows from there which can be absolutely devastating, especially with older folks.

I would sit down with your father and your doctor and explain the pros and cons with him. It shouldn't soley be your decision. While many on this board would not condone this advise, I feel it neccessary to at least answer your question. Don't let these doctors railroad you into something you are not sure about.


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