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hyperglycemia & chemotherapy for sclc

dani hobbs

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My sis was dx'd at Xmas with sclc extensive stage mets to liver. Her chemo regimen has been carboplatin/etoposide plus IV dexasmethasone, to prevent allergic reaction(?) Now her glucose levels are over 500, climbing to 600! The oncologist wanted her to get to a endocrinologist immediately, but of course he wasn't available, so since it was the weekend, her internist put her on Glucotrol XL & Avandamet--from my research, the former lowers blood sugar in a hurry, the latter is more long-term. Is this from the chemo, or the steroids or both? How harmful is it to have these readings? Will it go down? I read from Betty's postings that she also had this happen? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.

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Mine was from the steriods. As soon as they put me on them they started checking my sugars, I got as high as 580. They are still sitting in the 300's because of the prednisone, They get lower as my steroid dose gets lower. When the steroid is done I should be back to normal. I hope.

I wish I knew the answer to how harmful, as I have been concerned about that myself. I am sure it is straining my already weak system to have such high sugar all the time. They have me on something called glucophage, but I don't know how much help it is.



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Dani....Jim has been on Carbo/taxol for the last 5 months. His glucose levels were over 300 this past 6 weeks of treatment. Last Monday Dr. had him fast for 12 hours than take blood test. His blood counts are back to normal. His high count was because of the steroids he was taking before each treatment. Best Wishes for your sister. Carolyn

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