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For those of us trying so hard to eat healthy and drink clean water.......read on. I worry enough about my tap water -- do we now need to worry that our bottled water is going to cause cancer???? :roll:

Dasani Bottled Water Removed from U.K. Shelves (03/19/04)Coca-

Cola is taking its Dasani bottled water off the market in Britain for the time being. Testing has found high levels of the chemical bromate.

A government agency says there's no immediate risk to public health. It says bromate can cause an increased cancer risk only if there is long-term exposure.

Coke launched Dasani in Britain only last month. It says the high levels of the chemical resulted from addition of calcium to the water. Dasani suffered some bad publicity earlier this month when British newspapers noted the product was purified tap water, even though Coke had always acknowledged it.

Following the newspaper stories, regulators began an inquiry into whether Coke was entitled to use the term "pure" in describing Dasani.

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Guest pat mc


I have not trusted Coke and Pepsi as a source for bottled water. And yes, it was with some smugness that I drank my preferred brand "Arrowhead Water." ( I live in the Southwest and that is a major brand here.) After reading your post it occurred to me that I really didn't know who owned Arrowhead Water. With a sinking feeling I found out it was Nestle. Oh, uh... Then I found this article from the Tucson Weekly "Springs Eternal Hope - Just how pure is that bottled water you're drinking?" http://www.tucsonweekly.com/gbase/curre ... =oid:46368

My favorite comment was the one about not disclosing the source for 'fear of terrorists.'

I now own a Sears special, a reverse osmosis water purifier.

On the upbeat side, Trader Joes ( a speciality health food store) is featuring water from New Zealand and Fiji. hmmm.

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